Girl Nobody Knows


I am a teen of fourteen years.. I heard from my friends that they are in relationship … They were very happy excited… Is relationship that important for a teenager?… I heard that it makes you feel like you are in heaven… Is it really true??? I have never been into a relationship . But I heard many things about it… I heard that once you are in a relationship.. you see heaven.. All good things comes to you.. but when one small mistake or misunderstanding happens.. everything breaks .. the way a glass breaks…. Is it really important … I don’t know … But I want to know .. what it is… Is it  all because of puberty … Or because somthing  happens… Which nobody knows…  What is it… Which makes one teenager fall in love .. A Hormone or anything… Is relationship  Heaven or is it something which takes you to hell …Coz after break up people behave as if there life has been taken away..

Girl Nobody Knows…